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haiku #7

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Limited Edition

12.0" × 16.0" (305mm × 406mm) 

image size 12.0" × 8.0" (210mm x 300mm)  Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching or C-Type Fuji Matt

This image is a part of a 'haiku' project. 

Artist Statement:


Haiku is a short Japanese art-form, written without typical poetic phrases, rhymes or overly-descriptive words. The poem has not have a title, is always written in the present tense and the first word in each line is not written in upper case in order to convey the sense of living in that particular haiku moment. 

My /haiku/ is based on a true events and a tiny little stories which come from memories. I am sharing seemingly trivial scenes from an everyday life of a two friends and their long lasting relationship filled with complexity but also nostalgia, melancholy and a sentimental longings for desires.

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