foreign birds

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Limited Edition

30cm × 40cm; image size 21cm x 30cm  or 21cmx30cm;image size 18x27cm on True Matt Photo 190gsm

30 × 40cm; image size 21cm x 30cm  Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rug

This image is a part of a project: 'retrospection - time is a tangle of threads ' 

'Retrospection' is deeply personal project, where I present my journey through motherhood, relationships, love and ageing. Tracking the day-to-day dynamics of everyday life and their highs and lows of relationships. This project is a personal investigation and exploration of the past. How events and individual experiences shape us and our personalities. It is also, an exploration of the conceptual meaning of simple objects in our life and how significant they are. This project is a self-reflection based around true events, documented as a series of stories, aesthetically simple and silent, very minimalistic and poetic.

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