foreign birds

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift


The photography artworks found on Foreign Birds are by Kinga and Maciej, photographers duo, creative couple and storytellers, who are passionate about the life in the simplest form, and who are capturing life through daily moments and creating narrative aesthetics inspired by everyday life.

Kinga and her husband Maciej are originally from Poland. They have met during their studies at the Plymouth College of Art, where they felt in love not only with photographic medium, but also become partners in life. They found each other 1200 miles from their motherland, and found out that their hometowns in Poland are distanced only 30 miles apart... other coincidences made them only more inspired and intrigued about life itself, and its unpredictable moments combined with serendipity nature of events.

They are currently living in Plymouth, where they enjoy daily sea views and coastal adventures.


We use photography as a way of self-expression, we combine passion and our personal life experience in order to construct images which reflects the world around us.

People and their stories are our great inspiration, and in our work we explore the world of a new relationships and hidden qualities of our characters. Better understanding of the reality allows us to reinterpret the world in our own, sometimes surreal and abstract form.
For us, camera is like a window to the new unexplored world, where we can focus on things which in the real world can be easily overlooked. We are inspired by natural light to create a contrast, constructive aesthetics, which combine a true value of experience and evokes something between a dream and an obliterated memory.

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exhibitions and publications

Jul 2017 - BOSS Exhibition 2017 - Plymouth College of Art

Jun 2017 - PCA 'Intimate Compositions' - Aesthetica Magazine

Jun 2017 - AOP Student Awards Finalist Exhibition - Association of Photographers - Downstairs at Mother - Whitechapel Gallery, London

Jun 2017 - Degree Show 2017 'Ten to watch' - Plymouth College of Art

Jun 2017 - Free Range Show - The Old Truman Brewery, London

Sep 2016 - 'Made in Plymouth' Magazine front cover - issue #6

Jun 2016 - AOP Student Awards Finalist Exhibition - Association of Photographers - THE PRINT SPACE, London

Jun 2016 - Degree Show 2016 'Ten to watch' - Plymouth College of Art

Jun 2016 - Free Range Show - The Old Truman Brewery, London

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